is a pedagogic farm. This is a new way to respond the social tourisme, for development and for everyone on the farm.

Everyone knows that a farm is a place full of activities.

We preserve the environment and the landscape. We work according to good prescripts, so the crops, fruits, vegetables and cereals can grow in a healthy, natural way and the landscape keeps its picturesque charm; we raise our animals in the same way.

We know that a farm represent an important element in our daily lives; because the farmer has the duty to preserve the land he grows, and to raise the animals in a healthy way to safeguard the safety of the food we eat. Sometimes we transform the products we cultivate, for example the grapes into wine, and the fruits to marmelade and the corn into flour. At the farm you can learn alot of things while having fun at the same time!

Our organic company program with schools includes days with learning and practicing on techniques of organic cultivation and grape processing. For the youngest children we organize outdoor activities for one day, including a picnic; to discover the animals and the sounds of the forest, the flowers, the colors and the insects that populate it.


For the adults we offer the possibility to participate in different activities on the farm; guided visits to the cave, tasting our home made wines. What more?…for those who don’t know where to go, neither what to do, during the months of July and August, you can book a week in the countryside to relax. For everyone, young or old, who wants to get their hands dirty…. and live outside!

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Learning and practicing techniques of organic culture and grape-processing, picnic brought by the participants, insurance and transportation at the expense of the school, organization or association. During the period from September to November and then from February to April.

€ 5, 00 per person

Outdoor activities during one day, in the fields and the woods, to discover the sounds and animals together, with a picnic brought by the participants. Insurance and transportation at the expense of the school, organization or association.

During September-October and April-May

€ 8,00 per person , tools provided by the farm.

Farm-activities with guided tours to the winecellar and tasting of our wines … degustation in open air or inside, offered by Roccabianca.

Only the weekends during the months March, June, August and September.

€15 per person

For those who doesn’t know where to go and what to do, one week on the farm according to dates available on the site and weeks of wwoofing

€ 100 per person