Our story

Everything started by chance, as every important story, with our passion for nature and genuine things.

In 2004 we found our Cascina Roccabianca surrended by 16 hectares of land cultivated and partly covered by vineyards, hazelnuts and fruit trees, partly covered by a wood of chestnut and walnut trees that overlooks fields used for forage; a little bit wild place where wild animals as deers, foxes, martens, badgers can be seen. Passion that has been turned into agricultural enterprise.At the beginning it was quite difficult and hard because we didn’t know so much about agriculture, winemaking and farming. In particular we have to thank the teachings of “Dorino”, the old owner, that helped us and taught us how the nature should be protected.

Combining the practice, the study, readings and courses we gave birth to our project. Over the years the old vineyard was preserved a very important patrimony of biodiversity in its kind,  has been  expanded with new species of grapevine of Barbera, the renovated cellar, orchards with old varieties of trees have been recovered and we got the organic certification.

Our farm is under renovation.


Flavors of Piedmont to drink and eat.

Inserted in a hilly area, the farm Roccabianca preserves the features of the piemontese landscape. The forest with the vineyard behind the farmhouse overlooks the valley of the river Erro, river that comes from the nearby Liguria and follows a stretch of the Beigua Park to end up in the river Bormida through the beautiful thermal town Aqui Terme. From our hills you can see the “Badlands” and make beautiful walks on foot or by mountain bike.

The company is family run and very ‘environmentally sustainable ‘: the water is provided by natural wells, the wood to get warm comes from our forest and The electricity from renewable sources. Cultivation is organic. You can find vegetables, depends on the seasons,  herbs, chickpeas, potates, eggs. With fruit not chemically treated we prepare the delicious jams and sweet and sour sauces which can be enjoyed at breakfast or with cheeses.

Wines and jams can be purchased on-line or directly into the farm by appointment.

WINE on line sales or sales in company

Our winery is the fusion between past and present: from the modern equipments together with the tradition we get a unique wine made from old vines. But good wine, born firstly in the vineyard, good practices that respect the rhythms of the seasons, the natural and healthy growth of the vines grown without the use of toxic substances to the environment and to humans.

Three are our priorities: the protection of the land, the quality of the product and its delicacy.

The quality of our wines

The cure in the method of vinification and our enthusiasm combined with research and experimentation have brought us to produce a quality wine DOC Barbera del Monferrato; and Rossovermiglio a red wine, pure, no added sulfites; our Barbera of the Monferrato DOC 2014 have gotten the certification Vegan. The working process constant for one year, gives our wines taste purity of blunt and a harmonious boccato intense aroma and fruity.

Wine tasting

come and visit our winery (let us know it in advance) to taste our wine and to take a walk in the vineyard.

PRODUCTS OF THE LAND sale online & direct sale in the farm

n our organic farmhouse you can also find other products in addition to wine, according to the season we have, herbs gathered in our fields, which we use to make savory toppings, jams and sweet and sour sauces prepared with our organic fruit, honey, chickpeas and potatoes, our rural farming of hens provides us fresh eggs every day.

How to buy?
few can be bought now on-line, other by booking via email or telephone, or directly at the company, currently be open on Saturdays only and Sundays from 3 pm to 6.30pm


The agriculutal company Roccabianca certification The primary activity is agriculture Our job was to redevelop the vineyards, restructuring them and making them again vigorous, getting a good production of quality wine. The neglected fields were converted to forage, a part in horticultural cultivation, paying great attention to the area which in this area is landslide risk, why the constant maintenance work for the retention of rainwater, so that the land will not yield to rain .The work is continued in the redevelopment of the old stone farmhouse converted cellar and in place of welcome, even the old stone house will be reordered.

Other social tourism activities that our company proposes are of a recreational-educational as the teaching farm, cultural-manual as “adopt a vine”, the invitation is to come and visit us to know, taste our products and find out more on the farm.


Cascina Roccabianca

Località Roccabianca, 1

15015 Cartosio (Al)

Phone number +39014440304

Rosella Rocchetti

mobile +39.335.5897789

Coordinate for navigator

44.608513, 8.438978

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